XLVIII. Net_Gopher


The gopher protocol, as defined by RFC 1436, is generally considered the ancestor of the modern HTTP protocol. However, gopher was also intended to provide references to non-gopher resources including telnet, wais, nntp, and even http. This extension adds gopher support to PHP's URL Wrappers, and provides a helper function gopher_parsedir() to make sense of gopher formatted directory listings.


Net_Gopher is installed through the usual PECL package installation process.

  • Prerequisite: PHP 4.3.0.

  • $ pear install Net_Gopher

  • Copy the resulting gopher.so to an appropriate location and add extension=gopher.so to your php.ini file or load it dynamically in your PHP script using dl("gopher.so");

Настройка во время выполнения

Данное расширение не определяет никакие директивы конфигурации в php.ini.

Типы ресурсов

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Предопределенные константы

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gopher_parsedir -- Translate a gopher formatted directory entry into an associative array.