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Welcome to this text on the ProFTPD server software, this document grew out of a need for good documentation for the software. ProFTPD was written as an Open source software project released under the Gnu Public License (GPL). Many of the concepts have been inspired by or derived from the Apache webserver project.

This book grew out of a small FAQ on the website prior to the change in maintainer in Sept 1999. The need for a accurate and comprehensive FAQ as obvious, it rapidly became clear that a simple FAQ would not be sufficient. In Oct 1999 I started work on developing this document using the DocBook DTD in conjunction with the jade.

The software is currently designed for the Unix operating system and it's derivatives including Linux and the BSD variants. It is also reported to compile under win32, however it has not been designed for this environment.

This Book's Audience

This text is primarily targeted at system administrators who wish to make the most of the Proftpd software package. I expect that most readers will have at least a grasp of the ftp protocol and reasonable skills in compiling and maintaining a live Unix based system. For a list of resources which I consider to be useful reading to give this base knowledge consult Appendix A.

It is my hope, however, that the text is sufficiently generic in approach that it will be of use to those simply wishing to know more about ftp and the function of a typical ftp server.

The later chapters go into more depth on complex configurations and discuss the needs of a live server hosting multiple virtual hosts and hopefully suggest ways in which to keep the administration of these configurations to a manageable scale.