CVS (Concurrent Versions System), is a version control system which allows multiple developers (scattered across the same room or across the world) to maintain a single code base and keep a record of all changes to the work.

The CVS repository for ProFTPD is available for non-developers in read-only mode, however this code is right on the bleeding edge and is not guaranteed to even compile let alone work. Access to CVS is given to allow important security patches out into the wild and to allow users and interested users to test out the latest changes on real systems.

Recommended ~/.cvsrc settings

cvs -z 3
update -Pd
diff -u

Where can I get information on cvs?

CVS is produced by Cyclic Software ( and details on CVS can be found on their website. The CVS documentation is clear, detailed and above all heavy when printed. I'd recommend reading it if you're planning on using CVS a lot.