I've been waiting patiently and trying new versions (right now, I have 1.2.0pre7-3 from debian potato), but UserAlias in anonymous ftp now forces me to use the password of the user I alias to, and not the user I log in as.

Example 8-5. ...

<Anonymous ~ftp/sub/dir/>
  AnonRequirePassword on
  RequireValidShell off
  User ftp
  Group nobody

#  UserPassword ftp encpasswd
  UserPassword ftpuser1 encpasswd1
  UserPassword ftpuser2 encpasswd2

  UserAlias ftpuser1 ftp
  UserAlias ftpuser2 ftp

So, I used to be able to log as ftpuser1 and use ftpuser1's password with older versions of proftpd. Now I'm forced to uncomment the "UserPassword ftp encpasswd" line and everyone would have to log with ftp's password. I really do not want to go back to wuftpd (with which I got this to work jusr fine). 1) Can this still be made to work somehow? 2) If not, how do I provide anonymous ftp access to a select number of users, each with their own password? (I'd rather not have to put users in /etc/passwd and /etc/group)